What is the Tax Deadline?
Reminder that the Paper filing deadline for Income Tax Returns for 2018 tax year is 31st October 2019 and if you pay and file on line using ROS the deadline is extended to 12th November 2019.

Do you need to file a Tax Return by 12th November?
If you have other Income over €5,000 outside of PAYE you will need to file a Tax Return Form 11 under self-assessment.

What can I claim on my Tax Return?
Without going into too much detail you can claim

  • Medical Expenses
  • Pension contributions if paid and claimed before the return filing date.
  • Employee tax credit if PAYE worker or Earned Income Credit if self-employed.
  • Start-up Refund for Entrepreneurs
  • Donations to approved Sports Bodies.
  • Medical Insurance Relief if premiums paid by your employer.
  • Tuition fees for 3rd level education
  • Home Carer Tax Credit
  • Home Renovation Scheme
  • Nursing Home Expenses
  • Year of marriage review if married in 2018
  • Permanent Health Insurance
  • Claim for employing a Carer
  • Age Tax Credit
  • Incapacitated child credit if you have a child that is incapacitated.

Please note professional advice is always advised before availing to claim any of the above tax credits or claims. If you require advice on any of the above please contact us at MONAGHAN & COMPANY ACCOUNTANTS 091 788769 OR Email: declan@galwayaccountancy.ie

Other News:
Property Owners of luxury apartments across the country where they were built since 2013 have avoided having to pay Local Property Tax (LPT) and will not have to pay Local Property Tax for another 2 years. This is due to an exemption that was granted on such properties.